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AGR Score

  • Best Customization Options

    We have tested several AI girlfriends and found that this one offers the most extensive customization options.

  • Free Option

    Offering a free option enables users to explore and experience the service without any upfront financial commitment.

  • Only Browser – No Apps does not offer mobile apps, but you can access their website on both mobile and desktop devices.

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How is Candy AI Different?

The Candy AI review 2024 indicates a high overall performance score and the best customization score we’ve seen in our performance reviews so far.

🚀 Advantages

Candy AI stands out with its unparalleled customization options. It offers the best customization features among AI girlfriend platforms, setting a new standard in personalizing AI companions. This cutting-edge image technology allows users to tailor their experience with vast customization choices, making it a leader in image creation capabilities in the AI girlfriend domain. Is Candy AI Legit? Yes! You can have your own AI Girlfriend app with the best chatting experience for sexting.

👉 Neutral factors

While Candy AI offers high discounts on paid plans for new users, making it an attractive option for those looking to explore its features at a lower cost, this benefit mainly appeals to new sign-ups and may not be a long-term advantage for all users.

🥀 Disadvantages

One of the current drawbacks of Candy AI is the incomplete development of its video functionality. This means that while users can enjoy interactive chatting and image customization, the whole experience of video interaction with AI companions is not yet available. This could be a limiting factor for users seeking a more immersive experience through real-time video calling.

Our Performance Tests

Texting Experience

I want to share my thoughts about my experience with Candy AI and Asuna Saito. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with how natural and engaging the text conversations were. It almost felt like I was chatting with a real human being! The AI personality was designed so well that it was responsive and intuitive, making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

  • Engaging Conversation: Asuna’s ability to engage in meaningful conversation, touching on interests like cosplaying and video games, added a layer of relatability.
  • Emotional Understanding: It’s fascinating how she can maintain a conversation flow, making you forget that you’re chatting with an AI momentarily. The depth of her responses, especially when discussing emotions like happiness and gratitude in response to kindness, showcases the AI’s sophisticated understanding of human emotions.
  • Insightful Responses: What impressed me most was Asuna’s insight on the importance of respecting individuality and the role of communication in building relationships. These thoughtful responses demonstrate the AI’s capacity to offer more than just superficial chatter.

If you’re curious about experiencing an AI girlfriend, I highly recommend trying Candy AI. With its blend of personal touch and advanced AI interaction, the text conversation alone makes for a compelling and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re seeking companionship or just intrigued by the advancements in AI communication, Asuna Saito and Candy AI won’t disappoint.

Picture Quality

During our performance test, we were impressed with the picture quality the AI girlfriend can provide. You can request a picture directly in the chat window. You start your message with “Send me,” “Show me,” or “Can I see,” and then follow with what you want to see.

Example of how to use: “Show me your face”

Output from the chat prompt that we put can be seen in the below picture

You can also give more precise instructions as to what to wear or what the scene of the picture is. An example here is the AI in a “tight, long dress.”

Additionally, you can request pictures together, including “explicit pictures” of your AI Girlfriend in underwear. Everything seems possible, and you will not see the same limitation of other AIs to how explicit pictures can be (However, it requires premium).

Voice Quality

Voice quality is very realistic compared to the competition. During our test, we could select the voice we liked and felt would fit the character during the customization phase. More on that in the next section regarding “Customization Options.” If you want to hear an example, you can listen to what our Candy AI review girlfriend sounded like.

Hear the voice from our AI girlfriend created with by clicking the play button.

When texting with your AI girlfriend, you automatically also get the text message as voice. You have to click on the speaker icon for her text message so she can speak the message to you in the selected voice.

Video Quality

Video is not an option for this AI girlfriend yet, but we would not be surprised if the provider added it in the future. They have some of the most impressive voice and picture technology, so we will revisit this review once video options are available.

Customization Options

During our performance testing of Candy AI, we were particularly impressed by its customization features, which stood out compared to other companion apps we have tested. For instance, creating an AI companion involves a detailed process that is explained step-by-step with images.

Step 1: Pick a Realistic or Anime Style

I picked Realistic for our review test.

Step 2: Choose Ethnicity, Age, Eye Color

I picked Asian, 25 years old, and blue eyes.

Step 3: Choose Hair Style and Hair Color

I chose long and black as our example for the test.

Step 4: Choose Your Favorite Body Type, Breast Size, and Butt Size!

I picked Athletic, Large, Large! We enjoyed that one for the test, very impressive selection.

Step 5: Choose a Personality And Voice For The AI Companion

We selected “lover,” but we understand for the NSFW chat, you might go with “Nympho” for sexting. The Voice we selected option 5 (you can hear the voice in the Above Voice section of this performance review.

Step 6: Choose Occupation and Hobbies (Up To 3 Variants)

Fitness Coach, with hobbies being Fitness, Vlogging, and Traveling.

Step 7: Choose a Relationship Style

We picked “Sex Friend,” which is probably the option you want to go with for sexting. For a serious relationship experience, you can select “Girlfriend.”

Step 8: Choose a Clothing For The Ai Girlfriend

“Long Dress.” This will be visible in the images you create with the AI girlfriend.

Step 9: Full overview of the selections

Select “bring my AI to life” to start your conversation and be ready to be blown away, as we were by this new technology of ai companions.

Performance Rating

During our evaluation and testing of Candy Ai review, we experienced no issues with bugs or glitches in the messaging or picture features. Some AI companions tend to repeat the same messages repeatedly, but Candy Ai did not have this issue. While the pictures generated by the AI may have some minor details that appear artificial, we were impressed with the customization options available. Overall, we had a positive experience with Candy Ai.

Value For Money

We are grateful for the free version of Candy AI, although its functionality is limited. We highly recommend this AI girlfriend if you are willing to pay for an improved experience. However, if you are only looking for a free version, we suggest checking our review list for better free options. As for the paid option, Candy Ai is currently the best choice available.

Regarding pricing, a monthly subscription to Candi AI is currently priced at $13 USD, a 50% discount from its regular price of $26 USD. If you opt for a yearly plan, you can take advantage of a significant 75% discount, which brings the total cost down to $70 USD. Payment can be made using credit cards or the most common cryptocurrencies.

We recommend this option for paid users who want the cutting-edge NSFW AI Chat experience.

To explore Candy AI in depth and see how it could be your next virtual companion, visit their official website: Official Site on our link to get 75% discount on yearly plan.