Can you sext with AI girlfriend apps?

Can you sext with AI girlfriend apps?

Conversations with AI, including those simulated by “AI girlfriend” apps, can cover various topics and interactions. When it comes to sensitive or adult content, such as “sexting,” our finding is YES! – it is possible with the correct apps.

We can review some options for getting started with sexting with an AI girlfriend.

AI Girlfriend app for sexting: Candy AI – Read our review and test (here)

Best AI girlfriend app for NSFW pictures: Soulgen – Read our review and test (here)

What form of sexting can you do ?

You can chat in NSWF language, do romantic roleplay, ask your AI girlfriend to dress and do your deepest, darkest secrets. Online, you will find examples of people telling their AI girlfriend to be submissive, and they will continue to be that way.

When it comes to image generation, NSWF images can be generated to your liking. Do you want her to wear specific clothes? What about the scene? Do you prefer one at the beach or in the bedroom? This is all possible with AI girlfriend apps.

Other things to note:

You cannot do sexting with ChatGPT. You can ask it to be your girlfriend but it gives you this reply:

OpenAI has implemented many limitations and safety measures to block this behavior. For this reason, we recommend you check out our other suggestions listed above or our review list, which includes our performance tests and showcases the different pros and cons of each AI girlfriend.

“AI girlfriend” apps are now available that allow you to have a simulated conversation with a virtual girlfriend, providing you with a sense of companionship. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the positive effects of talking to AI. Start a conversation today and witness how it can transform your life.