About Us

AI Girlfriend Review Inc. is best known as a review website to find the best AI Girlfriend, and provide the in-depth information on the latest AI companions, tools and news to help people understand what actually matters when finding an AI relationship companion.

Our Mission

Ai Girlfriend Review Inc. is dedicated to enhancing understanding and knowledge about AI companions. Our approach is like chatting with real-life friends: fun, engaging, and always straightforward. We value brevity, wit, and honest conversation. Our commitment is to provide valuable insights without ever wasting your time, blending humour with clarity in every interaction.

Stay Informed

AI evolves rapidly, and we’re here to sift through the noise and give you the clear and essential updates you need to know.


Immersed in the world of AI companions, we strive to simplify and explain the complexities of relationship AIs, making them accessible and understandable for everyone.


We aim to be your friendly wingmate, making the world of AI companions more relatable and providing support every step of the way in your journey with AI relationships

Founder: Brian Bøgelund Pedersen

How Did We Start?

Ai Girlfriend Review Inc. emerged during a pivotal moment as the world was transitioning out of a period of deep isolation and loneliness. This time, characterized by its unique challenges and a shift in how we connect with others, sparked the inception of Ai Girlfriend Review Inc., a response to the evolving landscape of companionship and connection.

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